• The Dilemma with Crystal Awards

    A full table of identical etched or engraved monolithic shapes awards being presented is a common sight these days. While crystal and glass are an affordable award option they aren’t without issues.

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  • ​A Guide to Building Award Traditions

    Building a new award tradition can be an exciting and anxious task for anyone. On one hand you’re crafting a legacy that if done correctly will outlast you.

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  • Reaching for the Brass Ring: a brief history on how to better motivate your team.

    We have all heard the proverb of reaching for the brass ring at one time or another. With both sports teams and sales meetings; leaders are always looking for the next person who will go above and beyond the call and “reach for the brass ring.” The phrase has embedded itself in our culture so deeply that few people even know what it originally refers to. Where does the phrase come from and how do we embody that spirit?

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