Frequently Asked Questions



  • How can I setup an account?

    Contact one of our friendly sales associates via the contact us page. Have the logo you would like to use ready in a jpg or eps format.

  • Are your products made in America?

    Yes our entire inventory is crafted by hand in Nipomo, California. The majority of our vendors are sourced from the United States as well, for a fully American made product.

  • What metals do you use?

    We primarily use Nickel, Bronze, Brass, Gold and Silver.We occasionally work with copper and plated metals depending upon our client’s requests.

  • I like an item on the website how can I buy it?

    Most of the pieces on our website are the property of the clubs and companies that commissioned them. We cannot resell these items without their permission. If you would like similar design created with your logo, please contact our team and we would enjoy the chance to help you out.

  • How much do your molds cost?

    Our model and mold fees are one time fees that create molds that can be used for a lifetime. Our molds start at about $300 and go up from there based on the complexity and size of your piece. For a specific quote please contact us.

  • What is the Custom Club?

    Our Custom Club is home to one of the greatest values that we provide. Unlike other companies we don’t see our mold fees as a one time commitment; we see it as an investment in trust between our teams. When certain thresholds are met we will cover the cost of making your new models and molds. For more information contact us.

  • What are your minimums?

    Our only minimum is $250 per order.

  • What is the timeline on production?

    We typically require 6-8 weeks after art is final depending on the quantity, material and complexity of the order.

  • Do you have quantity discounts?

    We do starting at ten pieces for most items.

  • Can I personalize the items?

    We have an in house engraver that can do anything from initials to full length messages.

  • Do you work with precious stones?

    We have worked with all levels of precious stone from basic crystal to high grade diamonds.

  • How much does a money clip cost?

    Our money clips start at around $40 each and go up from there depending on the design and materials used.