Our Process

Malcolm Demille process

At Malcolm DeMille we strive to create a gratifying experience; crafting beautiful, high quality, custom pieces with state of the art technology and finely skilled traditional techniques that reflect the requests of our clientele.

Our process starts with, a Malcolm DeMille Sales Representative discussing the needs, desires and visions of the client with an MDI Artist. Each design is custom tailored to the trophy, plaque, or money clip of your choice. The artist then takes the vision or logo and hones it into several detailed designs for review and modifications. Once a design is selected, we move on to hand sculpting and state of the art technology. Our sculptors create a 3D Computer Generated Rendering for final review and to produce models. Molds are made to capture the created image and art piece details so wax replicas can be easily made. These wax parts are cast in metal, assembled and finished by our professional craftsman. Final touches of polishing, patinas and epoxies are applied and the completed piece is inspected to insure quality and customer satisfaction. Once the product is approved, we take great care in packing and shipping to guarantee safe delivery.

This entire process takes approximately 8 weeks to complete. Adequate time is necessary to produce a product our clients will treasure. Every team member takes great pride in exceeding client expectations, as well as, a personal interest in the unique vision that each client brings.