Arnold Palmer Invitational

March 10, 2024

The 2024 Arnold Palmer Invitational Money Clips include two unique designs—one Money Clip Badge has sleek black plating, beaded detail edging and showcases the iconic Arnold Palmer umbrella logo. The second Money Clip design has a traditional sculpted round shape with high-polished center featuring the API logo. The artisans at MDI added the finishing touches to the designs by filling each Money Clip with the classic Arnold Palmer umbrella colors of red, yellow, white and green.

The team at Malcolm DeMille appreciates the opportunity to work with the Arnold Palmer Invitational Staff to design and make a unique collection of Player Badge Money Clips over the years. We cannot wait to see what future years have instore.

Arnold Palmer Invitational Player Badge Money Clips by Malcolm DeMille

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Arnold Palmer Invitational

March 5, 2023

For the past 16 years players at the Arnold Palmer Invitational Pro Am and main event golfers have been seen sporting money clip badges on their belt or pocket, this year was no different. Malcom DeMille continues to bring unique, handcrafted, player badge money clips to the pro-am participants at the Arnold Palmer Invitational year after year.

This year’s API money clips were made from antique sculpted nickel, and featured a golf ball motif with the Arnold Palmer Invitational logo. The artisans at MDI made sure every detail popped by filling the money clip with the iconic API umbrella colors.

The Champions for Arnold’s Kids participants badges that took the shape of a raindrop. They were crafted in a light antique nickel, featured the CFAK seal logo, and were finished with red epoxy. Both Pro-Am and API Players money clips serve as identification during the tournament and stay as a lasting memento for all the 2023 participants.

Arnold Palmer Invitational Pro-Am player badge money clips by Malcolm DeMille

Arnold Palmer Invitational Charity for Arnold's Kids player badge money clips made by Malcolm DeMille

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