Elk River Club

August 1, 2023

Elk River Club, home to Jack Nicklaus’ first signature Golf Course in North Carolina, recently contacted Malcolm DeMille about creating trophy for their Men’s Invitational. The staff was looking for something that would integrate the renowned beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the history of the club.

The team at Malcolm Demille got work and developed a proposal that featured several interpretations of the request. From elk antlers and elk busts, to a 2-dimenational Elk River Club logo, Malcolm DeMille and Elk River Club worked together to create a design that captured the essence of the club. In the end, the Elk River Club staff enthusiastically selected an artistic rendering of the club’s logo in a 360-degree scenic sculpture.

The truly unique trophy forges the logo out of the real-world elements that form the club’s crest. The design prominently features elk antlers forming a gateway to the extraordinary rushing waters and stunning mountains of North Carolina—the region Elk River Club calls home. Cast in antique bronze, the sculpture is finished with hand-polished highlights, enhancing the fine details and bringing the trophy to life. The sculpture sits atop a walnut wood base giving the trophy a final size of 8” x 8.5” tall.

And, a special congratulations to the first recipients of this newly handcrafted Malcolm DeMille trophy. Malcolm Sina and Rob Sina’s outstanding play at Elk River Club’s Men’s Invitational sent them home with the win, and an award that is absolutely unforgettable.

Malcolm DeMille is thrilled with this latest piece of art and would like to thank Elk River Club for believing in and trusting us with the creation of their Men’s Invitational trophy. Visit our Instagram page @MDSculpt, to see a 360-degree view of this truly beautiful and dynamic trophy created by Malcolm DeMille.

Elk River Club Trophy made by Malcolm DeMilleElk River Club Logo

Elk River Club Champions with trophies designed and made by Malcolm DeMille

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