Horseshoe Bay Golf Club

July 2, 2021

Horseshoe Bay Golf Club came to Malcolm DeMille for a custom Member-Guest trophy that would reflect the rich history of the club. Recognizing the uniqueness of the club’s logo and the visual story it told of the club’s growth and transformation from a farm and orchard to a world class golf club, Malcolm DeMille crafted the club’s logo into a beautiful bronze sculpture. At the center of the trophy a red patinaed bronze apple (representing the club’s history as a farm and orchard), is pierced by a crossed set of golf clubs, and suspended in the center of a horseshoe. The bronze sculpture is set atop a two tiered cherry finished wood base finished with brass name plates to acknowledge the past champions of the Horseshoe Bay Golf Club’s Member-Guest.

Horseshoe Bay Golf Club Member-Guest Perpetual TrophyHorseshoe Bay Golf Club Member Guest Perpetual Trophy

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