Malcolm DeMille Celebrates Work with Medalist Golf Club

May 22, 2020

For over 10 years Malcolm DeMille and Medalist Golf Club have established a tradition of creating gifts and awards that are an essential part of their club culture. Using the lost wax method, Malcolm DeMille has designed and cast a classic bronze golfer trophy utilized for the Club Championship. For the Member-Member Tournament the Champions are rewarded with time honored gold plated Medals affixed to a green ribbon. A classic Shadow Box goes to the Member-Guest Qualifier and displays a miniature gold plated golf club, Medalist medallion, and nickel plated title banner. These Prizes are great awards for all of the Medalist Golf Club winners.

Besides these traditional awards, Malcolm DeMille has hand cast men’s accessories for Medalist Golf Club. A pristine set of blazer buttons and cuff links presented in a cherry wood box adorned with the club logo, and a blue velvet cushion provide an elegant display for a handsome gift. Along with the blazer buttons and cuff links, Malcolm DeMille created a contemporary lapel pin featuring one of the Medalist logos of crossed flags. Finished with buffed epoxy, the lapel pins offer a crisp detail to accent a jacket or collar. Malcolm DeMille is proud to work with Medalist Golf Club and wishes them luck with this weekend’s televised events.

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