Manhattan Woods Golf Club Tournament Trophies

June 9, 2019

Establishing pride and tradition is an essential piece to building a strong club culture. With this in mind, Manhattan Woods Golf Club commissioned Malcolm DeMille to create trophies that embodied the spirit of the club for all their major tournaments. Inspired by the proximity to New York City and the breath taking views of the legendary skyline, Manhattan Woods decided the Empire State Building would make an eye catching trophy for their events. Malcolm DeMille sculpted a replica of the iconic building with the Manhattan Woods club motto on the back “Fellowship, Harmony, Beauty and Tranquility. This is the legacy of Manhattan Woods”. The trophy sits atop a walnut wood base featuring a title plate. The new trophies were recently unveiled at the Member-Member. The members were thrilled to compete for such a stunning work of art and a trophy they were proud to take home commemorating the event.

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